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Enterprise CRM

 Fonterra gain insight into varied nature of their suppliers

How do you deal with 11,600 dairy farmers who are both customers and suppliers, when you currently have a lack of visibility of the way in which these relationships are structured? Fonterra needed a CRM solution that would fit the needs of these multilayered relationships. Every employee needed to be empowered to boost customer satisfaction with an automated CRM solution that was easy to use, customize and maintain.

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Gough’s increase efficiency of nationwide sales network

With a large sales team spread out over more than five locations and 13 divisions with many remote users, Gough’s were trying to increase efficiency and visibility of not only their sales pipeline but also their sales resources. Gough’s old CRM system had become dated and remedying this was seen as a good opportunity to move forward in the Sales and Marketing area.

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Growing Up in New Zealand: the x factor in relationship management

Growing Up in New Zealand’s use of Microsoft Dynamics is a great example of a business capitalising on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to create a powerful Relationship Management solution tailored to their own needs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just about sales and marketing - it is a platform for developing line of business applications - applications that manage and track information and processes real-world objects. Known as xRM, ‘x’ in the case of Growing Up in New Zealand ia the relationship with mothers and babies - but it could equally be a supplier, a patient or any relationship the business wants to track.

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