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CRM Modules

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides rich functionality “out of the box” with Sales, Marketing and Service (Contact Centre) modules. These provide organizations with a ready to use software application that can be further built on and modified to the specialized needs of your business.


Growing up in New Zealand’s use of Microsoft Dynamics is a great example of an organisation capitalising on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to create a powerful Relationship Management solution tailored to their own needs.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just about sales and marketing - it is a platform for developing line of business applications - applications that manage and track information and processes around real-world objects.

Sales Force Automation

Streamline and automate your sales processes and enable sales people to create a single view of the customer to help ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software gives sales professionals fast access to useful data online or offline so they can work efficiently and spend more time selling.

Marketing Automation

Provide marketing professionals with robust data cleansing and segmentation tools, leading campaign management features, and insightful marketing analytics to increase the effectiveness of marketing programs, improve efficiencies and better track key metrics. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software provides a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities so you can target your customers effectively.

Contact Centre Optimisation

Deliver customer information, case management, service history and support knowledge directly to the desktops of customer service representatives and supervisors, giving them the tools to deliver consistent, efficient service that enhances customer loyalty and profitability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a comprehensive customer service solution that is familiar to users, completely customizable to your business process and scalable to meet enterprise demands. 

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