SL Project
Gain precise control over project finances by creating flexible, multiple tiered hierarchies to reflect the spectrum of labour rates and billing structures you need. Then automatically allocate charges and revenues, account for work-in-process, transfer or consolidate transactions, and record accurate data for billing and posting to general ledger accounts.
Enhance business decision-making with efficient access to comprehensive data about project performance and profitability. Quickly collect and summarise data for key metrics, selectively pinpoint details for analysis, and present results in intuitive and practical formats.
Take control of your project finances with powerful budgeting tools that allow you to significantly increase your project's profitability. By tracking your budgeting process throughout the life of your project, you can view the impact of budget changes on profitability and manage the information you need to make your project successful.
Communicator Help enhance control of project progress and profitability by increasing awareness of changes in key indicators or documents awaiting action. Automated alerts keep you informed of pending deadlines, required approvals, escalating costs, and eroding margins, making it easy to intervene so projects and profits stay on track.
Contract Management
Streamline time-consuming contract management tasks and help increase the productivity of subcontractor interactions for even the most complex projects. By improving control over change orders, document tracking, and subcontractor disbursements, you can help ensure timely completion, enhance cash flow, and boost project profitability.
Improve your project profitability by providing project managers with the accurate, meaningful information needed to gain control over project revenue and expenses - enough control to help make even low-margin projects profitable.
Employee Utilisation
Get the information necessary to improve the profitability of service professionals and other human resources. Track personnel availability, billable time, revenues, and the realisation of established utilisation goals. View timecard line-item detail, or speed up analysis by customising and summarising data in a variety of groupings and time periods.
Flexible Billing
Shorten billing cycles and improve cash flow by taking control of unbilled receivables and converting them more quickly to revenues. Streamline invoicing with automatic generation, formatting, and submission of drafts for approval, then easily note needed corrections, finalise invoices, and post receivables.
Time and Expense
Take control of your labour, project, and travel-related expenses. Accurate, timely cost information gives you the precise information you need to increase your productivity and make better, more effective business decisions.