SL Service
Equipment Maintenance

Track and control every aspect of routine and unscheduled equipment maintenance. Microsoft Dynamics SL Equipment Maintenance automates the work order process, allowing your maintenance department to generate work orders more quickly and accurately, track work orders with user-defined criteria (making time stamps obsolete), perform detailed accounting procedures with ease, and execute all of your maintenance/repair procedures with maximum efficiency.
Flat Rate Pricing

Take full control over every flat rate in your organisation and inspire more customer confidence in your organisation. The flat rate pricing process, the standard in more service industries every day, is now easier than ever. With Microsoft Dynamics SL Flat Rate Pricing, you can stop purchasing expensive flat rate books from an outside publisher and enable your technicians to give on-the-spot printed price quotes on specific services from your pricing catalogue.
Service Contracts

Manage your service agreements more effectively and maximise revenue for every contract with Microsoft Dynamics SL Service Contracts. If your business has service agreements, you know managing them can be difficult. But with proper management, service agreements can be a major source of revenue for service companies. With Service Contracts, before a technician is dispatched to a site, the customer service representative will be alerted to any active contracts that exist.
Service Dispatch Track and manage every detail of your service organisation with Microsoft Dynamics SL Service Dispatch. Flexible capabilities help you manage field technicians efficiently, clarify information about technicians' profitability, and accurately track customer information, including account status and equipment and service history.