Add on Modules for Dynamics SL - Direct Credits

The Direct Credit module performs the function of electronic payment of vendors as an alternative to computer generated cheques or manual payment. The Direct Credit module works in conjunction with your banking software by producing an input file in the required bank format. The fact that the Direct Credit module is fully integrated with standard Dynamics SL modules ensures that the electronic payment then updates the required financial records. The module allows for normal Dynamics SL Accounts Payable selection flexibility and can work with an existing interface program to suit your banking software.

Bank interfaces

As most banks have developed their own Electronic Banking Products, the Direct Credit module has been designed to allow for an infinite number of Bank Interfaces.

Multiple bank accounts

Direct Credits has the flexibility to make payment runs from different bank accounts, each of which could involve integration with a different bank and software interface.

Integrated solutions

The Direct Credit module can work in conjunction with KB Technologies Dynamics SL Audit Utility giving you a full audit trail for Direct Credit data as well as your other Dynamics SL modules.

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