Add on Modules for Dynamics SL - Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets Module has been developed with the Dynamics SL Software Visual Basic Tools as a fully integrated module with the Dynamics SL General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules. All financial requirements of Asset Management and reporting including “book” and “tax” records are covered by the module.

Integration with other Dynamics SL modules - The aim of this Fixed Assets Module is to provide you with a fully integrated application with other Dynamics SL modules. This comprehensive integration avoids double entry of information and increases data integrity between applications

Multiple depreciation methods - The Asset Module allows you to maintain both “book” and “tax” records for each asset with different depreciable values and depreciation methods for each record.

Detailed asset profile - Information is the key to modern business management, so the system allows a large amount of data to be stored about each asset.

Customisation - As with all Dynamics SL modules, you have access to the very flexible and powerful award winning Dynamics SL Customisation Module.

Reporting - All Fixed Asset reporting is done using Crystal Reports, which allows you to modify the reports and create new reports as required.

Integrated solutions - The Fixed Assets module can work in conjunction with KB Technologies Dynamics SL Audit Utility giving you a full audit trail for Fixed Assets data as well as your other Dynamics SL modules.

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